How To Choose a Factoring Company

How To Choose a Factoring Company

How To Choose a Factoring Company

Factoring can save your business! A factoring company can help you to pay off those invoices that are holding you back. Grow or save your business by choosing a reputable factoring company to help fund your business activities. There are some factors you need to look at when choosing a good factoring company. We take a look at some factors below to show you how to choose a factoring company.

How To Choose a Factoring Company—Look At The Fee Rate

No service is free. A factoring company takes a small percentage for the advances they collect for you. If a company offers you a free service, you are probably missing some information. For example, when you use Kore Capital for your factoring invoices, we will take a small fee which we will let you know in advance, and then advance between 80% to 90% against the invoices you have presented. 

Check Their Credibility

In finding a reputable company, you should speak with trusted advisors and inquire if they know or have heard of the company. Look for credible references that have a good reputation in the market places. The factoring company should also be registered as a legal business. Kore Capital for example is a registered corporation in Democracy Boulevard.

You can count on Kore Capital for unlimited and reliable working capital. If you are looking for a reliable factoring company, give us a call today!

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