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Client Testimonials

Our clients say it best! Read testimonials from our clients to see what it’s like working with us and learn what they’ve been able to achieve with their businesses.


It is with great pleasure and much honor to provide this testimonial for Mr. Kwesi Rogers!

I have the distinct pleasure of knowing Kwesi since the mid-90s!   What started as a very successful and profitable business relationship, has morphed into such mutual professional and personal admiration and friendship.  When we first met, Kwesi’s professional assistance for my then fledgling government contracting business helped to keep us financially solvent through an invoice factoring arrangement.  His professional introductions and banking relationships led us to our first major line of credit which eventually reached one million dollars.  By far, Kwesi Rogers was instrumental in the enormous growth of our business and we’ve stayed connected throughout.  As Kwesi grew, both professionally and personally, his light shone even brighter and his impact to others, both personally and professionally, expanded beyond the norm.  He became President of the factoring company he was employed with when we met, eventually owned it, grew it, sold it and has now started yet another successful business, Kore Capital Corporation.  He also started a membership organization whose sole intention was to support government contractors through the business ownership evolution.  Kwesi is the consummate connector who make use of his great listening skills, wisdom, intellect and rare insight with each introduction. I have witnessed his growth as a business leader, husband, father, family and community member and Kwesi exhibits integrity, great character, professionalism and the best of intention in every role.  It would be in anyone’s best interest to know and work with Kwesi Rogers!!

– Wanda Alexander

Former co-owner of Horizon Consulting

Founder and owner of Wanda Alexis Alexander, LLC

Kwesi understands business financing. He has the experience to structure a financial relationship that meets your business objectives. As our business grew, Kwesi proposed a financing mechanism that perfectly fit the needs of the business. We enjoyed a fantastic working relationship with Kwesi that extended for many years. I highly recommend KORE Capital Corporation to any business owner or leadership team that wants to establish a truly beneficial partnership with a great financing company.

– Gino Antonelli

President & CEO


If you are a small business owner and your company is scaling in the business market of your dreams, do not look twice for a finance company that allows your dreams to become a reality! KORE Financial is your business partner!

My experience with KORE was extremely professional and came at a critical juncture when my organization RWD Consulting was growing. As my company continued to grow at a rapid pace, I needed the resources to make payroll, buy equipment, and establish the infrastructure needed to go to the next level. Kwesi Rogers and his team gave the financial support I needed and stuck with us during the critical time of our business scaling. It allowed us to get to the next level of financing needed by a small business in today’s economic climate. RWD is now a $30M Company!

– Robert Dozier Jr

RWD Consulting

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    Factoring and Asset Based Lending

    Government Contract Financing

    Receive advances that will allow you to perform on your newly awarded government contract and scale your business.


    Use the most valuable assets on your balance sheet your accounts receivable to create the liquidity you need to grow your business.

    Line of Credit

    You may pledge a pool of assets to include accounts receivable and inventory to support the advances that will serve as the fuel required to take your business to new heights.

    Inventory Financing

    Increase your working capital by funding a percentage of the total cost of your on hand inventory.

    Equipment Financing

    Use the value of the equipment you own and convert it into working capital to fund your growth strategy.