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Inventory Finance

Inventory Finance can serve as an integral part of your cash flow solution.


What is Inventory Financing?

Inventory Finance can serve as an integral part of your cash flow solution. Many small businesses must exhaust precious cash to maintain certain levels of inventory to meet customer requirements. Advances against inventory provide the business owner with a percentage of the total cost of the company’s on hand inventory thereby enhancing the company’s cash flow.

Who is Inventory Financing for?

If you are a small business owner who has considered accounts receivable financing but have concluded that financing accounts receivable does not provide sufficient working capital because of the cost of inventory you are required to keep on hand you should consider a revolving line of credit that will provide availability on your accounts receivable and inventory.

What are the benefits of Inventory Financing?

  • Use an often overlooked but valuable asset on your balance 
sheet to create liquidity for your business.
  • The excess liquidity will help you better serve your existing customers.
  • The increased cash flow created by leveraging your inventory 
will assist you in obtaining new customers.
  • Create better relationship with important stakeholders, like 
vendors and suppliers.

How do I apply for Inventory Financing?

KORE’s inventory financing product is offered in concert with its accounts receivable revolving line of credit. Prospective borrowers may complete an application and provide the customary loan package along with a detailed list of inventory on hand to include cost of acquisition.

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    Business Financing Options

    Factoring and Asset Based Lending

    Government Contract Financing

    Receive advances that will allow you to perform on your newly awarded government contract and scale your business.


    Use the most valuable assets on your balance sheet your accounts receivable to create the liquidity you need to grow your business.

    Line of Credit

    You may pledge a pool of assets to include accounts receivable and inventory to support the advances that will serve as the fuel required to take your business to new heights.

    Inventory Financing

    Increase your working capital by funding a percentage of the total cost of your on hand inventory.

    Equipment Financing

    Use the value of the equipment you own and convert it into working capital to fund your growth strategy.